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Honoring Our Founders

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

It's always hard to see members go... It's especially hard when they pass on from this life and we no longer have their expertise and guidance to learn and grow from.

We recently honored two of our founding members.

One we lost, Mr. Gerard "Jerry" Worrell, bless him, and Mr. Walter Kelk whom we were able to honor at one of our recent ASMB meetings. He recently donated all of his equipment and with the help of several members (Greg Carey, Joe Clark, Walt Williams, Susan Polsky, and others I may have missed)

we were able to help southern MD membership gain some new gear.

For years of dedicated education and service to the bees and southern MD beekeepers we gave him a certificate of appreciation and an engraved hive tool.

Thanks to all who joined us and to Walter for his significant contribution to beekeeping in our region and beyond.

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