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Education @The hive

Our club members were welcomed to Shlagel Farm in Waldorf for the first of what we hope to be many educational opportunities for beekeepers around the region. Sponsored and powered by Club members.

20+beeks showed up ready to learn and grow and provide input for the newest keepers just starting out. It was a fun, enriching afternoon full of friends, old and new, learning new ideas, discussing our favorite hobby and reconnecting with our bee buddies. Lots of smiles from participants, myself included. It was a wonderful afternoon with friends who feel like family. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

The Shlagel Farm family extended their warm hospitality and treated us to fresh strawberries and a wagon ride to the bees. On site that day our

oldest and youngest club members for hands on fun. We marked some drones, learned a bit about inspections and had a demo on testing and counting varroa for treatment (or not) by one of the state apiary inspectors, Mr. Allan Storm.

A great many thanks to our guest speaker and hosts for the opportunity to learn and grow while playing in the bees.

We hope you'll join us next time.

Your 2023 board members,





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