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If you would like to support the work we do educating the public and other beekeepers

 in the region, please consider a donation to our organization. With our gratitude.

News and Events

We’re doing lots of fun stuff at ASMB, and we’re honored to have been able to participate at Anne Marie Gardens Insectival throughout the years. We take an observation hive to help educate the public about the mighty honey bee. We also participate in Earth Day events in Leonardtown and Sommerseat Farm

Check out the latest news and updates regarding our events.

 Bee sure to sign up as a volunteer for next years events. Even New Beekeepers can help educate others.

Learn more about our outreach and stay up to date regarding upcoming events by keeping an eye on this site and our blog posts.


Educating the Public

Helping the public understand the importance of Honey Bees in our environment and the impact they have on our food system.

Teaching the Next Generation

Teaching a new generation of beekeepers. Not to be afraid of the things that sting, instead helping them understand the value in the art of keeping bees and helping pollinators in our ecosystem.

Opportunities to Grow

Beekeepers -- beginners to advanced, participate in our outreach opportunities to grow and learn and educate others.
Each of us is on our own journey in beekeeping but we all have something to offer the community at large. Please consider donating your time to foster a new generation of beekeepers.

Earth Day events 2023 were fun and engaging. 

Summerseat Farm

and Town Square in Leonardtown hosted events and we really had some fun teaching folks about our hobby.


Insectival success 2023 at Ann Marie Gardens! Wonderful event with more than 1600 visitors to the observation hive and beekeeping displays. This is the kind of public outreach we aim for. Fun day with beekeeping friends.

Special thanks to our volunteers- Sam, Drew, Joe, Lyndsi, Inge, Al, Cory and Diane-YOU make our association SHINE


Stiff competition at the County fairs this year. Beautiful exhibits for the honey shows.

Amazing group of volunteers

Many Thanks to:

Joe Myers

Greg Carey

Eileen Shlagel

Cesar Martinez

Rhonda Edelen

Abby Edelen

Al Griffin

Ron Klauda

Samantha Rutherford

Dale Shaner

Cory Cooper

Jess & Keith Gagnon

Paul Watts

Monika Herdlick

Diane Wellons

Walt Williams

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