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The Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers (ASMB) is a non-profit organization in Southern Maryland that offers support to beekeepers and education to the public about the mighty honeybee. Our mission is to assist beekeepers in our region with new skills and knowledge and to help them become the very best at the art of keeping bees. And to educate the public about honey bees, and their importance in our ecosystem. We achieve these goals through outreach, education, and volunteer opportunities throughout the community.


The Board of Directors 2023

Diane Wellons


Diane has been keeping bees for 7 years. Is a graduate of the University of Montana Master Beekeepers Course, the Charles Co. Fair  Superintendent, one of the admins for our Facebook group and an active member of our club.

Joe Myers

Vice President

Joe retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2010; he is an avid gardener, and enjoys his “hobby” as a beekeeper and the simple rewards bee colonies bring; from witnessing the social personalities of each hive, to the non-stop pollinization activity in the yard.  He also volunteers with the bee exhibits at the local county fairs, and manages the ASMB newsletter.

Joe Myers-Acting


Sam Rutherford


Sam is entering her second year as a beekeeper.  She is a certified apprentice beekeeper and is looking forward to spring.  She is currently a junior at St. Mary's Ryken high school and hopes to study sustainability and bees in college.

Upcoming Events

ASMB Meeting - Social Format

Next ASMB Standard Meeting

December 2, 2023 

UPDATE-Leonardtown Library Meeting Room #2

9am-12 noon - Covid is on the rise, our friends at Charlotte Hall VH have been struck again with an outbreak. Please come see us at the Library in LEONARDTOWN instead. 


Are you interested in hobby beekeeping? Successful beekeeping is a combination of knowledge and intuition. We will teach you the basics of bee biology and behavior,

beekeeping equipment, pests and diseases, hive management through the seasons and more. Our goal is to give you information that will help you get started and be successful in hobby beekeeping.

This class is taught by members of the ASMB. It will be held at the CSM La Plata Campus

February 2024- Three Saturdays in a row 10th, 17th, & 24th from 9am to 12 noon. See the catalog from CSM to register.--Click the link below

Garden Classes - CSM Continuing Education (

What's Buzzin'?

Seasons Change.....

The Season is winding down.....

It's almost a blessing and a curse when the weather starts to change, and the beekeeping season starts to draw to a close. I'm thrilled with the cooler temperatures but sad knowing soon I'll have to go without seeing the bees for a while. It's bittersweet really. I'm tired from a busy season, especially at the end of several weeks of running around for the county fairs (we hope you participated in some way--if not start thinking about next year's exhibits and volunteer time)

Remembering that we still have beekeeping inspections and work to do in the apiary is paramount. Do not stop caring for them now. It's most important that we continue to feed- or begin in earnest if you haven't already. The goal by end of fall is to have 1 frame of food for each frame of bees in the hive. Mid-October we begin feeding 2:1 thick syrup to really start packing the brood nest area as they shrink the brood and backfill with honey. We might get another round or two of brood before the weather turns for winter. 

Prepare your candy boards or winter wraps, have a plan and prepare to execute it. 

Attend your local fair, ASMB meetings and Fall Fun fest for great food and fun with other beekeepers from around the region. Start making your plans for Spring 2024 and swarm season, splits and honey production.  Reach out here on our contact page or on the Southern Maryland Beekeepers page on Facebook.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Happy Keeping Friends!

Excellent Tools for Varroa Management

Concerned about varroa destructor? Want to know what to do and when? Then take a look at this link to the honey bee health coalition and use their varroa management tool.       Varroa Management Decision Tool

Go to the RESOURCE CORNER page for more beekeeping information 


Family Fun Fest- ASMB Members only event October 22nd- Bring your honey bottle to share for a blind tasting contest- Best of SOMD- 50/50 raffle - Door Prizes etc.

Some of our outreach:  ASMB Beginning beekeepers short course with the College of Southern Maryland 

Chesapeake Natives Flower Sale
Annmarie Sculpture Garden Solomons Island Insectival 
Charles County Fair

St. Mary's County Fair

Calvert County fair
State Fair Honey Booth 
POP up educational opportunities at schools, scout meetings, etc. 

Get in Touch

To contact us, set up a meeting or inquire about an upcoming event, fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

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