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The Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers (ASMB) is a club in Southern Maryland that offers support to beekeepers and education to the public about the mighty honeybee. Our mission is to assist beekeepers in our region with new skills and knowledge and to help them become the very best at the art of keeping bees. We achieve this goal through outreach, education, and volunteer opportunities throughout the community.


The Board of Directors 2023

Diane Wellons


Diane has been keeping bees for 7 years. Is a graduate of the University of Montana Master Beekeepers Course, the Charles Co. Fair  Superintendent, one of the admins for our Facebook group and an active member of our club.

Joe Myers

Vice President

Joe retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2010; he is an avid gardener, and enjoys his “hobby” as a beekeeper and the simple rewards bee colonies bring; from witnessing the social personalities of each hive, to the non-stop pollinization activity in the yard.  He also volunteers with the bee exhibits at the local county fairs, and manages the ASMB newsletter.

Patricia Van Ryswick


Patricia took the ASMB course back in 2008 with her grandson and has been beekeeping ever since.  She loves beekeeping not only for the benefits of honey and other products, but for the pollination to our farm crops and flowers. Her favorite part of keeping is watching the activity at each hive seeing how they are always different. Patricia has been the Treasurer since 2010. 

Sam Rutherford


Sam is entering her second year as a beekeeper.  She is a certified apprentice beekeeper and is looking forward to spring.  She is currently a junior at St. Mary's Ryken high school and hopes to study sustainability and bees in college.

Upcoming Events

ASMB Meeting In Apiary

May 13, 2023-RESCHEDULED TO MAY 27 @ 4 PM Due to rain forecast

4PM Saturday (MAY 27, New Rain Date) afternoon DEEP HIVE DIVE with Allan Storm

@Shlagel Farm--12850 Shlagel Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601

Bring your picnic dinner, your hive tool, veil and gloves, this will be a working meeting in the bees. What to look for during inspection, Marking Queens and Testing, Counting and Treating Varroa

ASMB Meeting in lecture format

July 17th, 2023 @ 630pm at the Mechanicsville Fire House

The Maryland State Beekeepers Association Meeting 

June 10, Dr Tammy Horn Potter, UMD, College Park

What's Buzzin'?

Spring Swarms and Volunteers ...all FUN Stuff

The Spring swarming / beekeeping season brings fun and challenges to everyone around the region. If you made it through the winter with bees, then CONGRATULATIONS!! Success should feel good right? Until the little twits try to swarm out on you and fly away. After all you've done for them?! SO RUDE!

Well, just try to remember that swarming is normal, healthy bee behavior and if you were lucky enough to make it far enough to see a swarm or better yet catch your bees as they attempted to leave, then you are on the right track.  

If your bees haven't built up that far yet, then prepare yourself, it's certainly coming. Everything is happening early this year, including the nectar flow and the bees are filling up the brood nests as fast as bees are emerging, get those honey supers on.  Make a plan for the swarms, new hives, or bring a friend into beekeeping or call someone from the association who lost their bees this winter and offer them a second chance. No matter how you feel about the swarming, you need to be prepared to deal with it. The consequences can mean having to cut bees out of a wall or attic or worse, your neighbors having to pay someone to come kill/rescue your bees from their home. Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Many volunteer participants this year for Earth Day events, we thank you all. You make beekeeping fun and enriching in So MD. Not just for us as friends and keepers but for the general public who come out to see the bees and talk with you about your fascinating hobby. Remember we are part of a small community. Not many folks are crazy enough--Uhm I mean brave enough to take up such a hobby and stick with it for the long-term. Your knowledge is invaluable to the public and we appreciate your volunteer time.

Thanks to all:

Cory Cooper

Ruth Feicht

Al Griffin

Cesar Martinez

Joe Myers- And his bees =o)

Diane Wellons- and her Bees =o)

Walt Williams

Our next meeting is a Deep Hive Dive in Waldorf, see notes above. 

a huge thank you to Eileen and Russ Shlagel at Shlagel Farm  and their whole family for offering bees and hospitality to the club for this gathering of the minds. We are looking forward to the event.

Excellent Tools for Varroa Management

Concerned about varroa destructor? Want to know what to do and when? Then take a look at this link to the honey bee health coalition and use their varroa management tool.       Varroa Management Decision Tool

Go to the RESOURCE CORNER page for more beekeeping information 


Our Next meeting will be a DEEP HIVE DIVE as requested by members who participated in the recent polls. May 27th at 4 pm in Waldorf see info under events.

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