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The Association of Southern Maryland Beekeepers (ASMB) is a non-profit organization in Southern Maryland that offers support to beekeepers and education to the public about the mighty honeybee. Our mission is to assist beekeepers in our region with new skills and knowledge and to help them become the very best at the art of keeping bees. Our mission is to educate the public about honey bees, and their importance in our ecosystem. We achieve these goals through outreach, education, and volunteer opportunities throughout the community.


The Board of Directors 2024 

Diane Wellons


Diane has been keeping bees for 8 years. Is a graduate of the University of Montana Master Beekeepers Course.. She stays busy these days with her animals and farm in


She is one of the admins for our Facebook group and an active lifetime member of our club.

Monika Herdlick

Vice President

Monika is a retired helicopter pilot. She has twins that are getting ready to graduate high school and go to college and she became a beekeeper last year as an apprentice at a local apiary. She loves crochet/knitting and gardening.

Joe Myers


Joe retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in 2010; he is an avid gardener, and enjoys his “hobby” as a beekeeper and the simple rewards bee colonies bring; from witnessing the social personalities of each hive, to the non-stop pollination activity in the yard.  He also volunteers with the bee exhibits at the local county fairs, and manages the ASMB newsletter.

Kara Buckmaster


Kara is a third year beekeeper and graduate student with a background in public administration and emergency management. She enjoys beekeeping as a way to disconnect and decompress from her work and studies. She also appreciates the educational aspect of the hobby and the opportunity to socialize with other "beeks" in the community.

Upcoming Events

ASMB Meeting Schedule-See below

ASMB Meeting - Social Format

Next ASMB Meeting Standard Meeting Format

Saturday Morning June 29th, 2024

Charles Co Fairgrounds Commercial Bldg. B 

9:00am-12 noon- open to the public.

Ryan Peabody of Peabody's Apiary will be giving a talk/discussion on Transitioning from Backyard Beek to Side-Liner or Commercial Beekeeper- His Journey and Month to Month calendar. 

PLUS A SUPER SPECIAL MEMBERS ONLY RAFFLE (it only costs $5 for individual or $6 for family or $50 for lifetime individual membership. and you can join at the meeting or on this website at the "join our hive" page)

Ryan has generously donated a Nuc from his apiary we are going to raffle off (must meet $200.00 threshold minimum) all proceeds go to the Association. MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WIN

Check out his Facebook page.

EAS Discussions- Honey Show entries.

8440 Fairgrounds Road, La Plata, Maryland

 Seeking Volunteers for Insectival Insectival | Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center (

Next Volunteer Event-Members reach out if interested in participating

Deep Hive Dive-

Education event @Shlagel Farm in Waldorf-

ASMB Members ONLY Event - See your newsletter for more information

Canceled - Rain Date TBD 

Allan Storm will be teaching us how to Build and manage a resource hive.


What's Buzzin'?

Seasons Change.....

I can almost feel the Spring

I do feel it. In fact, I smell it. It's the smell of fresh flowers and pollen. It's crispy air mornings and sunshine filled afternoons. It's the sight of bees buzzing happily around the front of the hives. It's the feeling of joy at seeing we've still got bees~ they lived through the winter!

It is by far the most joyous and exciting time of the year, for beekeepers!

If we did our work well in the Fall, the reward come Spring is life fulfilled in the hives. Colonies of honey bees thrumming along with the changing of the seasons. It's time to get ready to go. Prepare for Nucs, Swarm prep and prevention, and capturing the nectar flow, it will all be upon the region soon.  Take note, if you are a beekeeper- get cracking. Paint those hive bodies so they can dry well. Or get your phone-a-friend on speed dial to help you split your colonies, so they don't swarm off. Dust off those Honey Supers, air them out if they have had paramoth on them. When the redbud blooms, that's when I add my supers to hives. I'm so excited I can barely stand the excitement. If you are an allergy sufferer, I hope you have been eating some local honey a little bit each day since the first part of February, at least to try to build up some tolerance in your system. It's coming y'all. Spring, it's almost here!!!

Happy Keeping friends.


Excellent Tools for Varroa Management

Concerned about varroa destructor? Want to know what to do and when? Then take a look at this link to the honey bee health coalition and use their varroa management tool.       Varroa Management Decision Tool

Go to the RESOURCE CORNER page for more beekeeping information 


Spring Meet and Greet March 16th, 2024 @ Prince Frederick Library RM 1&2 

9am to 1130 am open meeting for the public. 1130-130pm Spring Meet & Greet Luncheon 

for all members. 

Some of our outreach:  ASMB Beginning beekeepers short course with the College of Southern Maryland

Earth Day in Leonardtown and

Earth Day at Summerseat Farm 

Chesapeake Natives Flower Sale
Annmarie Sculpture Garden Solomons Island Insectival 
Charles County Fair

St. Mary's County Fair

Calvert County fair
State Fair Honey Booth 
POP up educational opportunities at schools, scout meetings, etc. 

Get in Touch

To contact us, set up a meeting or inquire about an upcoming event, fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you.

Thanks for submitting!

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